Thursday, March 8, 2012

Welcome to Tempo Thursday, Debbie Downer

To say I wasn't looking forward to running tonight would be an understatement.  Up until about 5 minutes after the run, you could have called me Debbie.  Debbie Downer that is.

I was just not in the mood to do ANYTHING when I got home from work today.  It's been a crazy week at work and by the time I plopped on the couch when I got home today my tiredness came crashing down like a ton of bricks.

To top that off, it was gloomy and rainy and windy and overall yucky outside.  All of that combined with my (not so) favorite tempo Thursday workout looming ahead made it REAL tough to get my butt in gear.

Debbie Downer bursting with excitement

So I pulled myself together and braced myself for the trek across town.  Tonight's workout was at the Fleet Feet on the west side, aka about 25 minutes from my house aka a drive that is TEN TIMES LONGER than the east side Fleet Feet.  And naturally it was rush hour.  My speedometer looked like this for half the drive (on the expressway, mind you!):


Obviously I was a real gem by the time I arrived at Fleet Feet.  Tonight's workout was four 1/2 mile repeats at tempo pace with about a minute recovery in between each one.  I guess my downer mood fueled my legs to get the run over with because I kept a quick and consistent pace.  My average pace for the two cumulative miles was 10:29.  Not too shabby!  Throw in another 1.75 warm up/cool down miles and bing bang boom we're done.

It was real cold and a little windy and each turn we made seemed to keep us running into the wind.  Cool.  On like the second repeat I felt my hair slapping my neck and was super annoyed.  Turns out my hair tie at the end of my braid had fallen out and my wet stringy pony tail was flopping around.  If you've noticed, I ALWAYS run with a braid because I hate having my hair fly all over the place.  I'm a very particular runner right down to my hairstyle!  Needless to say my hair malfunction annoyed the eff out of me for the next 30 minutes.

Seriously? How does that happen?

And then I got back to FF and chatted with a few people and waited for the rest of my running buddies to get back.  I was then informed by one of my running buddies that I had a trail of snot/spit across my entire cheek.  Who knows how long I had been walking around like that and how many people neglected to tell me that I had a loogie on my face.  That's cool.  Real running friends call you out on your bodily fluid fails.  Thanks Steph ;)

Although Debbie stuck around for about 97% of the run, I think it's safe to say she's finally exited the building.  The power of running wins again.  You go in crabby and you come out rejuvenated.  Bam.


  1. Where's the pic of the loogie on your face? That's the stuff I want to see!!

  2. We actually thought about the photo after it was too late!