Friday, March 16, 2012

Friday Things

I am EXHAUSTED from my crazy week and even crazier Friday.  Good thing I took a lot of pictures today so I don't have to think or write a whole lot.  Ready go.

I worked a half day at work today for two reasons: 1. long run, obviously, but 2. also to do a little baking prep for tomorrow:

3 kinds of alcohol in one cupcake? winning.

While I waited for Emily to get out of work, I slaved away in the kitchen working on these beauties:

Irish Carbomb Cupcakes - happy st. patrick's day!

It took all my might to not eat them - or drink the Guinness that went into them.  Something about how booze and sweets aren't the best pre-run fuel.....whatever.

Emily arrived right as I was finishing up and it was perfect timing.  I made her change her shirt because she brought a pink one and we would have been twins.  I can handle twinning in a 5k maybe, but 9 miles is a little much to be all matchy matchy.

ready to go!

The first 5 miles were AWESOME... great scenery/route, legs felt great, kept a quick comfortable pace, wasn't too hot... I felt like a million bucks.  I wasn't even mad when duped me again and sent us on a questionable pedestrian overpass bridge:

interesting "road," map my run

After mile five is where it got tough.  Mile six dragged on forever, and the last three miles were hard.  Like, way slow pace, super hot and sweaty, tired legs hard.  I wore my sweet little hydration belt and learned my lesson that I need WAY more fluids on warm days - I sipped through both of my bottles by mile 7 and was really dragging by the end.  

I was surprised though at our finish time and pace - we averaged an 11:58 pace which is the fastest I've ever gone on a long run.  The fast and easy first 5 miles really helped to average out the 12:30's we were running by the last few miles!

9 miles - check!

Overall it was a good run, even though I really had to push myself the last few miles.  I definitely think I need to get used to running in the heat and think that played a part in the tough end of the run.  I was a sweaty beast and needed tons of water (that I didn't have).  Definitely have some things I can improve for the next warm long run (ahem pacing and agua), but overall I'm really proud of how I did today!

so proud, we have no shame in our sweaty salt soaked post run faces

I'm currently rocking my compression gear and it miiiight make it's way under my St. Patty's Day outfit tomorrow.  If only my calf sleeves were green instead of hot pink, I could rock them proudly rather than hiding them.  Almost time for my date with my bed.... then time for the best day of the year!  Happy long run Saturday St. Patricks Day!

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  1. Hey Molly, I saw your comment on PB Fingers that you're from too! In case you didn't see the comment, this is what I left under yours on Julie's site...nice to see a fellow "Rochestarian" around!


    Comment on PBFingers:
    I’m in Rochester too!! We’ve had the BEST weather here for the past couple of weeks. I hope Ryan enjoyed his time here.

    "Molly-I know what you mean by “no one has ever heard of Rochester” Anytime I tell someone I’m from Rochester, NY they either ask are you close to the Empire State Bldg or do you get to see a lot of shows on Broadway? Lol I politely tell them no but we have Wegmans and the Lilac Festival is amazing!! They look at me like I’m nuts!"