Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Keeping Up With The Clancy's

Today was an AWESOME run because I got to run with one of my favorite people in the whole wide sister!  Heather is pretty much my real life running idol and has been running for like a decade. I used to give her crap all the time for being obsessed with running, for snot-rocketing and for being smelly, but now I'm the same.  Oops.

Sissys ready to run!

Heather's really hardcore (like trying to qualify for Boston hardcore) so I felt pretty legit having her run by my side!  I had four miles on the agenda so obviously we ran my favorite 4 mile loop.  We chatted the whole time and I was surprised that we averaged an 11:35 pace because it was totally comfortable, especially considering my mouth was running as much as my legs were!

sissy miles - done!

It's crazy what a little change in your routine can do for your morale.  As much as I absolutely love running with my running friends and by myself, it was great to be able to run with my sister.  It was so rejuvenating mentally and physically and having my sissy right there with me made for one great run!

And because we're sisters, we're pretty much the same person, which means we had two self-centered running nerds on our hands tonight.  This is what the post-run scene looked like:

oh just some sissy stretching

For those of you that are wondering where the heck sister #3 was during all of this... Kelly was our photographer and dinner preparer.  While Heather and I were busy stretching and foam rolling and massage sticking, little un-athletic Kelly was busy slaving away in the kitchen. 

Post-run fuel, taco salad style

Overall I had an awesome run with my sister and I felt great.  I feel even greater now that my belly is full of taco salad and I got in some good sissy time with my widdle seesys.  Just another day of Keeping Up With the Kardashian's Clancy's!

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  1. I ran with my dad on sunday and had a blast! Haven't had taco salad in forever, I must at it to the grocery list stat :)