Wednesday, March 7, 2012

A Sporadic Run and a Big Thank You!

Before I recap today's (unexciting) run, I want to just say THANK YOU to everyone who is reading this and following my journey.  Thank you for the comments, the support, the encouragement... It's exciting to know that people are reading along (and putting up with all of my sarcasm and pictures of my face)!

Moving on to today's run, I only had three miles on the schedule and it was a pretty uneventful run.  Emily and I went out with no specific route in mind, just a general idea of where we wanted to run.  It was nice to take the run as it came and to not have a mapped route to follow.

Spontaneous routes are great because you discover so many cool neighborhoods and side streets and ideas for new routes.  It's even more awesome when it is still daylight outside and you can see all the swanky houses and pretty surroundings.

Post-run: still light out!

I chatted most of the run and felt relatively comfortable with our pace which averaged 11:38.  I still get surprised with myself when my pace ends up being below 12:00.  Guess these good ol' legs of mine deserve a little more credit than I thought!

Yes that is my naked arm.... the weather was so perfect today that I ran in a t-shirt!  It was UHmayzing.  There were also a TON of runners out tonight too.  It's so cool to see the camaraderie of runners - everyone is so friendly and it's fun to acknowledge your fellow runners as you pass by each other.  I could go on and on about the "running community" but I will save that for another day.... I've already used up all the seriousness my brain allows me for one day!

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