Tuesday, March 13, 2012

All Missions: Failed

Today I set out on my run with a few specific missions.  The failure of all of my good intentions snowballed into a very tedious and not very enjoyable 3 miles.

I started off happy and ready for an easy stress free run:

Sunny weather + short-sleeves = happy girl

Since I was only going three miles, I didn't map a route and figured I would wing it.  It was quite windy out so my plan became to run in whichever direction would allow me to avoid running against the wind.  Great idea in theory, right?  So I thought.  Until one turn landed me on a dead end street, which had me running into the wind after I had to turn around.  The theory also doesn't work when you need to turn right, and the only side streets are on your left.  Needless to say, I was running into the wind 97% of my run.  Mission one, backfired.

Again, since I was only going three miles, I decided not to run with my music and have some "me" time.  Note to self, you can't force the "me" time on a run.  Don't force your brain to think about life when it really just wants to listen to Lady Gaga.  No music today = annoying and boring = mission fail #2.

Because I'm missing the usual Tempo Thursday this week, and since today was my short run, I wanted to make today Tempo Tuesday and try and keep my average pace below 12 minutes.  Well, thanks to failed missions one and two, mission sub-12 minute miles became fail number three:

12:03 pace.  Really?

Hearing my watch beep at mile 3 was probably the best sound I'd heard all day.  I was ready for this run to be DONE.  I guess my streak of awesome runs had to come to and end eventually.  I know it's the runs like today that make the good runs even better, but man, today really sucked.  Remember how chipper I was 37 minutes ago?  This is about how I felt post-run:

Boo to running fails.

On the plus side, my legs are feeling pretty good considering this is my fourth day in a row running.  I've got five miles on the agenda for tomorrow, so I'm hoping I got all of my running fails out today so tomorrow is a good run.  I'm sure tomorrow will be interesting though... there never are any dull moments anymore that's for sure!

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  1. Molly: you have to listen to your body. You need a day off and your body is telling you so. Listen to it. The running plan is just that but you have to feel it. Take a break. It's okay. it has been amazing following your journey. God, the picture of you today shows the weight that you have lost, but remember to enjoy your life. Don't make running your life. And how come you are not running in a St. Patricks's Day race if it is your national day of green? next time for a short, just go out with no watch and just enjoy. Use the image of beating me at the half as your mind motivation. Oh wait, maybe that will make you turn around and go back inside. Ha ha. Looking forward to bring with the best and hopefully beating the best. Karen