Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Surprise Surprise

Day five of running was a surprising success.  My legs were a little tight today so I nonchalantly did some stretching throughout the day at the office.  Since I feel like brining my foam roller or my stick to work is crossing the line just a bit, my office muscle massager of choice is this:

tennis ball. pink, of course.

I busted it out a few times during the day and rubbed out some tight muscles.  I think my IT band was very appreciative of the extra TLC it got today.


The extra stretching and tennis ball massaging paid off because my legs felt pretty good on my run today.  I stopped once to stretch out my hips, but overall I was honestly shocked at how great I felt during the run.  It's crazy how when you least expect it your body pulls through and surprises you.

just under 5 miles, i'll take it

As great as I felt on today's run, I am DEFINITELY ready for a rest day tomorrow.  It's been a good five day streak but I'm so ready for a day off.  As much as I might be tempted by the gorgeous weather tomorrow, I think I'll be jusssst fine hanging out on the couch and resting my legs.  And "fueling" for Friday's run, aka eating Subway.  Bring on the rest!

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