Sunday, March 11, 2012

Halfway There!

Seven weeks from today is race day!  Crazy!!

I was pumped for today's run because it was GORGEOUS out... sunny and warm and all around a perfect spring day!

Day two of rocking capris and a tshirt and let me tell you, I could get used to this!  It's so much easier to enjoy the run when you're not worried about your face freezing off.  

My legs felt a little heavy today and I had to stop and stretch once or twice during the run.  Overall though it was a great run and I kept going even when my watch beeped at the three mile mark.  I didn't map a route and thought I had planned it well enough in my head to get in 3 miles... but I was a little off. Normally I would walk once I had my miles in but it was so nice out I didn't want to stop!

My average pace was 11:53, not bad at all for a recovery run!  Especially coming off of my fastest long run ever yesterday.  As much as I complain about Tempo Thursday's, I thiiiink they might be starting to pay off!  Hello 12 minute mile club, I think I'm officially here to stay for a while :)

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