Monday, March 12, 2012

An Irish Girl's Priorities

It shouldn't come as any surprise that I am a proud Irish girl.  That being said, my second favorite day of the year (besides my birthday, obv) is of course St. Patrick's Day.  It just so happens to fall on a Saturday this year and you better believe that I will be stereotypically celebrating my heritage to the best of my ability.

Since beginning training, my "social life" consists of 8am group runs and a standing Friday night date with my bed at 10pm.  Needless to say it's time to bring back the side of Molly pictured above that has been out of commission for far too long.

Although that poses a problem -- we all know that Saturday's are long run days.  No chance you're gonna see me running on my national holiday this year.  Since I obviously have my priorities straightened out, I had to get a little creative in juggling my running schedule this week.

Friday is long run day this week, and I have 12 miles to get in between today, tomorrow and Wednesday.  Giving myself the much needed pre-long-run rest day on Thursday.  I put in 4 miles today:

Naked arm = weather I can get used to!

This is my third day in a row of running, and (fingers crossed) I'll have 5 days in a row before my rest day this week.  That'll be my longest streak ever and I'm hoping these legs of mine can make me proud this week.  I'll probably still be covertly rocking my compression gear under my St. Patrick's Day attire though, a la my trip to Syracuse on Saturday:

a runner's undergarments - cute.

This week is going to be interesting for sure, at least we've got some good weather if all else ends up failing!  Just kidding.... I plan on kicking butt this week so I can celebrate extra hard on Saturday.  Hopefully the luck of the Irish will help me get through my off-kilter schedule this week in one piece!

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  1. When I was running today, I saw this on the back of a girl's shirt, who was running faster than me: Girl, my mascara runs faster than you! Need to get me one of those! Avoid the wall! Karen