Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Wednesday: Time To Cross Train!

Today was a crazy long day and I am exhausted.  My eyelids are drooping and I might fall asleep as I type this.  Lucky for you I did a phenomenal job photo documenting my day.  Here we go...

First off, I had another appointment with good ol' Dr. Dan this afternoon.  Pretty much the usual, nothing too exciting.  Except for this:

Free t-shirt!

I'm a sucker for free t-shirts.  Yes I will be a walking billboard for your business, as long as it means getting a free t-shirt.  I'd like to think that this means I've solidified my spot on Dr. Dan's favorite patient list.

After PT I had a date with my bike.  I had to pick it up at the bike shop because I got new tires (how exciting) and cages put on my pedals (so legit).  You can just call me Lance Jr.

all spiffed up and ready to go!

I met up with Brie and we hit the canal.  It was nice and sunny and there were tons of people out.  A tad bit chilly, but a nice scenic ride.

Brie has only just recently started to embrace being active (and by recently I mean three days ago), so I rode nice and leisurely at her pace.  That left some time for some more scenic pics:

 being one with nature

Brie's training for a 25 mile bike ride in June, so that means I've got a built in cross training buddy for the next two months!

Hi Brie!

We got 11 miles in right as the sun was setting.  It was a perfect ride!

cross training queen reigns again

We encountered a minor issue as we were packing our bikes up to leave.  Somehow Brie's bike wouldn't fit in her car quite like it had before.  Good thing I'm really creative and resourceful and found a solution:


After a few minutes of tying some netting and making some boy scout worthy loopholes, problem solved.  I drove behind to make sure my contraption didn't backfire and the bike didn't fly out.

good to go!

All bikes made it home safe and sound and are currently stored in the most logical place possible:

the living room. normal.

Day two of cross-training and I must say, I am a fan.  It's fun to switch things up, and now I am looking forward to tomorrow's run.  It is our third and final 2 mile time trial, so we'll see how that goes!  I haven't done any tempo runs since our last time trial because of my hip and my Debbie Downer 'tude.  I'm not too worried about my time, I'm just excited to run.  And I'm excited that I'm excited.  Does that make sense?  Goodnight!

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