Saturday, April 7, 2012

Double Digits, Take 2

Now that my run days are down to three days a week, I find myself getting extra excited when I have a run coming up.  I almost felt like a little kid on Christmas last night when I went to bed... I was so excited for this morning's run that I just wanted it to be Saturday already!  Listen to me...what a hardcore runner I am.

Even though I was super excited, that doesn't mean I didn't snooze my alarm 6 times like I usually do.  6:45 alarm = 7:30 actual wake up.  And I still managed to get out the door (with ALL my gear this time) by 7:43.  And obviously snap my usual Saturday morning pic:

sweet new shirt from target. too early to smile.

We had double digits on the agenda so I was a little nervous going into it since I've cut my running days back.  The first mile or two was the usual getting into the groove and loosening the legs out.  My hip felt good until about mile 4 where I had to stop and stretch it out.

From there on I pretty much felt it on and off.  Remember a few weeks ago I ranted about run-walkers?  Well, karma slapped me in the face because today I was one of them.  Hills especially aggravate my hip and there were two points where I walked for about 30-45 seconds up the hills.  

And I must say, it helped a lot.  My hip got a break and I was able to pick up the pace once I started to run again.  So to all the run-walkers of the world who I previously used to judge - looks like you've got something good going on after all.  You win.

The last two miles were really tough both physically and mentally and I was ready to be done.  Usually, I'm super OCD about making sure my Garmin is at the EXACT mileage that we had set out to do.  Even if it means running a few laps around the parking lot to get in some extra tenths of a mile.  Today though, I had our distance at 10.75 by the time we got back to Fleet Feet and I was DONE.  Although, I did debate running an extra quarter mile when I got home, I knew that my hip would probably be happier if I just called it a day.  And so I did.

just under 11 miles, i will take it!

At the store I noticed that there were medals in the window so I walked over to take a look.  And what do you know, they are the medals for the half marathon that we'll be running.  I had to snap a pic so I can look at it every day in excited anticipation.

in 3 weeks you will be mine!

Overall I'd rate today's run a 7.8 out of 10.  I already did all my Dr. Dan-prescribed stretches and am feeling pretty good post-run.  I'm interested to see how I feel tomorrow for some recovery miles.  Either way, one run closer to the big day!!

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