Thursday, April 19, 2012

Thursday Things

Remember that two mile time trial I was supposed to run tonight at running class?  Yep didn't happen.  I got out of work late and there was NO way I was going to make it across town in rush hour traffic.  Enter: grumpy Molly.

I ended up convincing myself to stop at the canal on my way home since I already had my clothes with me.  The first mile was actually really relaxing and I wasn't so grumpy anymore.  I also peed in the woods for the first time ever (there's no such thing as TMI anymore).  I feel like a real runner now.  I was ready to be dunzo by the time mile 3 clicked on my watch and was a-okay with it.  I was happy that I at least got out there!

Also, this happened last night:

An impulsive purchase of a discounted race registration coupon, and the subsequent registration for another half marathon.  I haven't even ran my first one yet and I'm already registering for another one?  Let's hope this was a good decision! 

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