Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Six Fun Miles and Two Slooooow Minutes

One big revelation that I've had over the past few days as I work on my PT exercises: 2 minutes is a really. long. time.

When I'm running, or during just about any other part of my day, I can blink and two minutes has flown by.  But when I'm doing each stretch that cute Dr. Dan told me to do for two whole minutes, I feel like I am in a time warp of eternity.

For someone whose "stretching" used to consist of lingering in a bend for 10 seconds to untie my sneakers, two minutes is a lifetime.  Although I must say that my legs feel quite fantastic afterwards.

Since my run days are being rationed, I set out today determined to enjoy my 6 precious miles.  My hip was a little annoying but I took advantage of the stoplight breaks to stretch it.  Not much pain, more so tightness and annoyingness.

And since I'm a camel and need water when I run anything more than 3 miles, I ended up making a quick pit stop at KFC for some water.  When I asked for a cup to get water, the girl at the counter told me I looked like I needed some water. Gee, thanks.

Hey, I needed to hydrate.  Gotta do what ya gotta do.  Dr. Dan would be proud.

Overall it was a really good run and I felt pretty good for the majority of it.  It's funny that at the beginning of training, 6 miles was our long run.  Now, it's just a regular old weekday run.  Crazy stuff.

6 mile fun run, check!

I've got my stretches all done, got my foam rolling done and am now icing.  Just call me PT patient of the year.  I go back to see Dr. Dan tomorrow so hopefully we'll keep things moving along in the right direction!

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