Sunday, April 15, 2012

Welcome Back Mollz

After a rough week, I'm back!  The lack of posts this past week were the result of lack of running and some burn out.  But the Molly you all know and love is back and ready to tackle these last two weeks of training!

The one run I did actually do this week was at 5am before work one morning.  And it was an AWESOME way to start the day.

thumbs up to 4:45am pre run pics

It was dark when I started (obviously) and I was done before 6 so I didn't even get to see the sun rise.  Although the run kinda sucked physically, it was a great mental start to kick off a Wednesday.

5k before work? sure.

I ended up sleeping through all of my alarms yesterday morning and waking up at 10:30am.... right about when I should have been finishing my long run.  Welp, great start to a Saturday morning.  After spending the morning grouchy, I spent the rest of the day at my friends lake cottage.  We took a few mile walk, so I called it even.

a little mental health day at the lake

I had a really encouraging appointment with Dr. Dan this week and am finally embracing his prescription to strength train and cross train.  He had me on this crazy machine thing that showed my leg strength.. something about torque and how my legs should be able to do something with a certain percentage of my bodyweight.  I still have no idea what the heck all that means, but I do know that my "score" was WAY below what it should be.  Basically, what Dr. Dan has been telling me for the past 3 weeks that I was too stubborn to believe, I saw proven right in front of my face.  You win, Dr. Dan.

Because I now believe everything he is telling me, and because I want to show Dr. Dan that I am actually listening to him now, I took today a cross-training day and busted out the ol' bike.  

I hit the canal with my roommate and her dad and we pedaled out 10 easy miles.  It felt good to have my body doing something different and dare I say I may actually start to enjoy this whole cross training thing.  Dr. Dan, you win again.

Brie and I post-ride.  I look like a giant.
Also: my helmet is on backwards. thanks for noticing.
Don't worry I did wear it correctly on the ride at least.

I also discovered today that my Garmin has multi-sport modes and felt like a pretty legit cyclist wearing my watch on biking mode.  See Mom, it was an investment :)  I've never seen miles click by so fast on that thing!  5 minute miles?  Garmin definitely knew that I was NOT running!

10 mile ride - cross training queen

Today was definitely a good kick-start to making the most of these last two weeks of training.  I'm ready to leave this awful week behind and excited to complete training with a bang!  Don't worry, you won't have to go 8 days without hearing from me again.  It's the home stretch and I'm going to make the best of it! :)

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  1. So happy to finally see a new post!! I felt the same way last week. Burn out and injury frustration equaled only running twice. I'm excited now to get these last weeks finished. Awesome job cross training. -Steph