Saturday, April 28, 2012

Final Run, Volunteering and OMG IM NERVOUS

It's here!  Race weekend!  I can't even believe it!  It seems so long ago that I started this journey and now here we are, 18 hours away from toeing the start line!

Unfortunately my cold kicked my butt most of the week and 90% of my time was spent sleeping and home-remedying.  I did some yoga on Thursday and counted it as a check in my cross-training column

I even got in the spirit and wore my new race t from packet pickup

sweet t

My cold finally started going in the right direction yesterday and I decided to take advantage and get in one last run before the big day.  I wanted to make sure my legs remembered what it felt like to actually move.

final run? guh?

I did an easy three miles and felt pretty good.  But one thing I did realize.... if you are the queen of snot-rocket fails on a good day, you will give that title a whole new meaning when you are sick.  Let's just say I was really glad that I was running alone and in a place where no one could recognize me pulled over on the sidewalk with a 4 inch snot that didn't quite rocket like it should have.  TMI?  No such thing anymore.

last 3 miles of training!

I didn't realize that I still had my watch on bike mode so rather than tracking my pace it tracked my miles per hour.  4.9mph, what a speed demon.

This morning I was scheduled to volunteer at a triathlon/duathlon event which were the kick-off events to the Flower City Challenge (which will end with the half tomorrow!).  I had to be on-location at the ungodly hour of 5:30am.  Knowing myself and my tendency to oversleep, never be on time, and just generally suck in the early morning, I tried to set myself up for success this morning:

wake up!!!! x4

No matter how hard I try, I just can't wake up or be on time.  I scrambled out the door at 5:20 and ate stale pretzel sticks for breakfast (I won't tell you how long they've been sitting in my car...) We got pretty sweet volunteer t-shirts though, and obviously I made time for a picture before I left:

maybe this is why i'm always late??!

I volunteered with one of the girls from running class so it was nice to know someone there.  Her boyfriend was racing in the du, and a friend of mine was too so we stuck around to watch the race and be cheerleaders after our volunteer duty was up.

I've never seen a duathlon before and it was SO COOL!  So many intense people and athletic ability!

bike transition

Best part was being able to cheer on Becca and play race photog:

hey girl hey!

 It was an awesome experience and really got me pumped up with excitement for tomorrow!  I would be lying if I said I wasn't nervous......I am kind of FREAKING OUT.  In a nervously-excited way though.  My family is coming up tonight and I can't wait for some fam carb loading later.  See ya on RACE DAY!!!!

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  1. Good golly Miss Molly---You made it! I am so proud of you and I know that you will do great. A few suggestions from an expert (yes me--I have run one half before so I think that that qualifies me as an expert. Anyway, lay out your outfit tonight. Everything from head to toe. Wear clothes that you have worn before and are comfortable. We wouldn't want any chafing. Be sure to pin your number on tonight so you won't leave home without it in the early morning. Be sure to eat something and drink at least 10 ounces of water. Remember to enjoy the experience. Smile, have fun, thank the volunteers and spectators (it helps to control your breathing) and remember that all the training, hard work and injuries have brought you to this moment. Good luck and I will see you at the finish line!! Karen