Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Back on Track, Day 1

After a week of being Queen Debbie Downer, I'm happy to report that Mission: Man the eff up and finish training is of to a successful start.

I was looking forward to my run all day, which was refreshing compared to how I've been feeling the past couple of weeks.  For once, Mother Nature decided to throw me a bone and kept a cool 50 degree temp this evening.

Even though it was a tad chilly, the sunshine and my first run in a week meant that it was a perfect time to rock my new piece of running apparel:

yes, a running skirt

Love it or hate it, I'm rocking it proud.  I've seen so many people in running skirts and I think they are so cute!  I mean, I wear pencil skirts to work every single day (and love it), so why not wear a skirt when I run too?!  

Even though I've already gotten made fun of for it, I digging the running skirt.  Emily told me she was embarrassed to run with me.  I really just think she was jealous that she didn't have a running skirt.

I don't know if it was my sweet skirt or my renewed attitude, but today's run was pretty fantastic.  I had kind of expected it to be disastrous between my running hiatus and my failing body, but it actually turned out pretty great.  Had to stop and stretch my hip a few times, but overall I felt good physically and even better mentally.

bangin out 5 miles like it's nothin but a thing

I was especially excited when I ran into some girls from the training class on my route.  Since Deb (aka me, Debbie Downer) didn't show up to any runs last week, I haven't seen my running friends in like a week and a half.  It was nice to stop and chat with them for a few minutes!  Hi Steph, Christy and Beth :)

Although it seemed like a long five miles, I felt very happy, refreshed, accomplished and rejuvenated at the end of it!  And hungry.  But that's a given.

Countdown till race day - 12 days!  Today was the perfect start to giving these last two weeks my all.  I'm pretty certain that this is what you'll be seeing for the next 12 days:

get used to it :)

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