Sunday, February 26, 2012

Happy Sunday

Well it's safe to say that today's recovery run was hands down a better experience than yesterday.  To start, mother nature went bipolar and decided to do a complete 180 from yesterday:

It was real chilly when I walked outside and then I reminded myself what it felt like yesterday.  After that thought it was pretty easy for me to suck it up this morning.  I had zero goals or expectations for today's run -- exactly how I like it.  

My legs were more tired than they usually are on Sunday runs and I was a-okay with the slow pace I was going.  Not only did I keep it slow, but I kept it flat too (surprise surprise).  To compare, yesterday's total elevation gain = 319 feet.  Today's total elevation gain, 39 feet.  Good weather, slow pace and flat route makes for one great recovery run.

Definitely looking forward to relaxing today and to have a rest day tomorrow.  Our week-day mileage is increasing this week so I need to make sure I've got fresh legs to tackle those miles.  Perfect excuse for a lazy Sunday :)

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