Saturday, February 18, 2012

Endorphins Make Me Happy

Happy Saturday!  Considering what Mother Nature and my sick body has thrown at me the past two days... this morning's run was awesome!

I'm really glad I ended up getting my run in on Wednesday because Thursday turned into a sick day and I felt much worse than I did on Wednesday.  I stayed home from work and slept and was on the couch all day.  I felt like a sad little kid when I called my mom and she told me that if I was too sick to go to work, I was too sick to run.  I missed Tempo Thursday and got an impromptu rest day.  And then cried myself to sleep because of it.

I went to bed outrageously early last night and woke up before my alarm this morning with more energy than I knew what to do with.  My brain and my legs were ready to go 7 miles this morning!

So much energy I can't even take a clear picture

Naturally, it was great weather yesterday and today not so much.  When I walked out my front door this is what it looked like:

I was hoping that maybe just my apartment complex hadn't shoveled/plowed yet (completely normal.. because they rarely actually do that) and that the roads would be gloriously clear.  Sadly I was wrong.  This is what the expressway looked like:

Aren't they supposed to be the first streets plowed??

Don't worry, I didn't let 8 inches of snow/slush/ice deter my awesome energy.  I set out with the 12 minute pace group again and after about a mile became my own 12:30 pace group.  Which progressively became slower and slower as the miles ticked on by.  Thank you, Town of Brighton, for letting the plowmen sleep in today.... I enjoyed expanding the extra energy to run through snow and slush.

The route was hilly and running in the snow was really tough.  After the first mile (literally) my only goal was to complete the run without walking.  I stopped looking at my pace and just focused on shuffling along.  As tough as it was, I actually really enjoyed this morning's run.  There's something about the physical and mental challenge of running that is fun, and the feeling after you make it through is so addicting.

I finished all 7 miles and ran (albeit slowly) the whole time.

The best part about today's run: it was officially the furthest distance I have ever run!  It's so crazy to think that 5 months ago I literally couldn't run 60 seconds with stopping... and now I'm cranking out 7 miles like it's nothing but a thing (ok not really 'nothing but a thing'.. but you get the idea).  I was really pumped:

Freezing cold, super sweaty...and way too excited

I feel really good post-run and spent some extra QT with the foam roller.  That thing hurts so. good.  There are also a couple bags of frozen corn strategically placed on my body right now.  Because my body is super injury prone (thanks mom and dad), I literally have been taking every precaution and step for injury prevention there is.  Case and point #1 my knee tape that I started using a few weeks ago.  Case and point #2:


Compression shorts and calf sleeves.  I kind of swear by them now - I dress like a stuffed sausage for a few hours after a run and my legs are never sore, painful or tired.  I think I enjoy wearing them a little too much and clearly have no shame in doing so or in showing the entire world.

I am looking forward to every Saturday from here on out, since every week will now be my new farthest distance that I've ran!  I'm also looking forward to tomorrow's recovery miles....mainly so I can (unnecessarily) wear my hot pink calf sleeves again.


  1. I had no idea that there were so many accessories that were required for running. Good to know that if I need anything. I know who to call. As my mother would say after every accomplishment, Good Job! Karen

  2. Molly - I love this blog! I did a run this very day (in the University area) and the sidewalks and roads were just ... ice. Totally feel your pain. But I also feel like I've lost my mind and I'm training for a half in early May, and reading your blog is really good motivation! Keep it up! - Katie Lemanczyk