Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Nothing Kills a Runner's High Quite Like...

...Getting in a "fender bender" in the parking lot of your apartment.  I use the term fender bender loosely, as that implies that both cars were actually moving.  I was not moving.  I was stopped.  Honking my horn, watching this idiot driving towards me.  And boom.  Hello America's worst driver, thanks for hitting my car.  I hope whatever distracted you and caused your stupidity was worth the nuisance of insurance companies and repair shops that I will now be dealing with this week. SO ANNOYING **#($^&(@&@*

Now that I got that out, let's rewind and focus on the non-buzzkilling portion of my day.  I was rested up from yesterday and my legs were antsy all day in anticipation of my run this afternoon.  Since it was gloomy, I decided to go with safety first and wear my reflective gear:

Can't miss me!

I was really excited to be back outside and leave the treadmill behind me forever.

A hot pink thumbs up

Four miles were on the books today and I did my new favorite 4 mile loop.  Yes, this is the same loop that I inadvertently almost ended up running on the expressway off-ramp.  Don't worry I figured out my mistake.  Turns out it wasn't's fault -- I'm just a really bad navigator/direction follower.  I successfully avoided the expressway this time and officially have a new favorite running route.  Four miles flew by and I felt pretty darn good the whole time.

I think I may be on the borderline of officially graduating to the 12 minute mile club?!  Garmin tells me my average pace was 11:54 and I felt pretty comfortable to whole time.  Definitely comfortably uncomfortable at some points more than others, but overall I felt really good.

Got the same 4 miles on the agenda tomorrow.... along with car insurance and repair shop phone calls.  Ya win some, ya lose some I guess!

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