Thursday, February 23, 2012

Short and Sweet

Keeping things short and sweet today because work + running is kicking my butt this week and it's currently about 37 minutes past my 8 o'clock bedtime.  

Yesterday was another 4 mile day and Emily and I hit the (rainy) roads.  It was drizzly and chilly and a little hilly but I didn't even complain until about mile 3.5.  Overall a win I'd say.

After that it was time to refuel.  Our fuel of choice:

Best post-run meal ever.

That brings us to today.  The usual Tempo Thursday.  We got an email yesterday saying that tonight would be another 2 mile time trial, so we can see how we've improved these past few weeks.

I was actually really excited and was ready to run my little heart out tonight.

Gettin' tough for the time trial

When we ran the time trial for the first time my time was 24:06.  They reminded us of our original time so we could compare.  Good thing, because apparently I accidentally shaved 30 seconds off that time when I wrote my post about that run on Jan. 19.  Whoopsie. 

My only real goal was to just be faster than the 24:06 I ran four weeks ago.  My secret goal that I wasn't going to admit unless I achieved it, was to finish in under 22 minutes.  Well...

Mission accomplished!

Just barely, but I did it!  So I ended up cutting just over two minutes off my time which I'm really happy about!  My splits are pretty atrocious: mile one = 10:20 and mile two = 11:36.  Apparently I still don't know how to pace myself very well.

But hey, it's cool to see progress from four weeks ago to now.  Guess those tempo runs and "run with fast friends aka Emily" runs are starting to pay off!  

Achieving a goal on a run and doing better than my brain tells me I can gets me pretty pumped.  So with that, I leave you with this:

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  1. WOW Molly! You can see the difference in your running times by your watch, but you can see an amazing transformation taking place with your body and mind as well. Your pictures show the body changing and your words show the mindset evolving. Keep up the great work!! Feels good doesn't it?!
    Can't wait to watch you kick-butt in April.