Thursday, February 2, 2012

Tempo Thursday Round 1....Again.

Tonight's run was the exact same as last Thursday's.  Which meant I spent half of my day dreading the big hill that made me cry last week, and the other half trying to mentally prepare myself so that I can stand a chance this week in round two of Cobbs Hill vs. Molly.

I decided to run my Garmin only for the tempo portion of the run (which was stupid because I can't really compare it to last week now).  I felt really good until about half way up the hill when I slowed wayyy down and kind of lost motivation to push myself after that.  Yeah, I weened out on keeping my tempo pace.  BUT, for the first time probably ever I kept my pace consistent.  Usually my mile splits are all over the place and vary by at least a minute (and always get slower) but tonight they looked like this:

Avg Pace

Progress?  I'll take it.  One of these Thursday's I promise I will actually push myself like I am supposed to....but that probably won't happen until the route no longer involves Cobbs Hill vs. Molly.  Is a flat road too much to ask for these days?

Garmin says suck it up.
On an exciting note, they gave us free samples during our nutrition clinic tonight.  They talked about fueling before/during/after runs and gave everyone a pack of sport beans to try.  The one time I had Sport Beans was right before I ran the Turkey Trot in November which turned out to be one of the worst experiences of my life (dramatic).  So naturally in my head, beans = bad news.  I ate them anyways, mainly because I was just really really hungry (pathetic).  Contrary to my prior belief, the beans served me well.  Maybe I've got them to thank for keeping a consistent pace tonight.

I sure do sweat a lot for 25 degree weather.

Maybe I'll pop some more beans before my long run on Saturday.  7 miles... let the mental preparation begin!



  1. You keep on running Moller-Do!! You are making your mom proud. And if you ever decide to change careers, I think you'd have luck as a stand up comic or the next Erma Bombeck! You make me laugh!!

  2. I cannot believe you said the turkey trot was your worst ever!! AND I love the beans, i told you so!!