Saturday, February 11, 2012

Long Run and More Lessons Learned

Lesson number two I learned this week: Don't nap on your rest day.  Otherwise you will be awake way past your night-before-a-long-run bedtime.  A two hour nap at 4pm leads to a way late bedtime and an overly obnoxious amount of alarms being set to ensure that I wake up on time in the morning:

Funny thing is, I slept through ALL OF THEM.  When I woke up to pee, thinking it was 5am or something, I looked at my phone it was 7:35.  Good thing that 1. I was too tired to freak the eff out, 2. my internal alarm clock knew it was long run Saturday and 3. I live 2.7 minutes away from Fleet Feet.  I've never gotten ready and out the door so fast in my life.  When I got outside this is the lovely scene that greeted me:

Seriously?  Two days ago I was running in capris and today it's a tundra.  Go figure.

By the time I got to Fleet Feet I was 101% sure that I was going to run with the 13 minute pace group.  Between the snow and the hilly route that was planned, there was no way I was about to attempt to keep up with the 12 minute group today. 

Well, the 12 minute pace leader convinced challenged me that I should run with them.  It's a good thing that I really like the 12 minute pace leader and that I make rash decisions at 8am because I ended up going with the 12 minute group.  And surprisingly kept up for the majority of the run!

Lesson number three of the week:  Your pace leader probably knows you better than you know yourself and will force you to push yourself when you don't want to.  Listen to your pace leader even when you feel like throwing your water bottle at her.

12:30 pace, I'll take it!

Miles 3ish through 5ish of the run were a pretty steady incline that seemed to last forever and got harder with each step.  I had to bribe myself to not only keep going, but to keep a decent pace.  I told myself that if I kept going and pushed myself that I would stop at Dunkin on the way home.  Obviously that's all I needed to power through the rest of the run.

Worth it.

Overall today's run was pretty good.  I'm glad I stuck with the 12 minute pace group and I'm feeling awesome right now.  There really is no better way to start a Saturday than an early morning run.  And yes, I'm still just as shocked as you probably are that those words just came out of my mouth.  Final lesson of the week: running changes everything! :)

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  1. You know that if I wasn't a runner, your vivid and detailed descriptions would probably make me take up extreme couponing instead. Buy hey, at least you are out there following your plan, when most people like you are either sleeping or on the couch. Sounds like you're doing great and that's what it's really all about. Keep up the positive additude (most of the time) and there will be no goal that you can't reach. Would love to run with you some time. I ran 8 miles yesterday. You know I gotta keep pace with you young people. Ha ha