Friday, May 11, 2012

So Call Me Maybe

Oh hey, just continuing my week of being an awesome wannabe du-athlete.  And also, the title of this post has zero relevance to anything.  That song has just been stuck in my head all day.  Although now that I'm almost a du-athlete and all... London 2012, call me maybe?

Tuesday night I ran from Fleet Feet and we did hills.  Oy.  It was HUMID and I was such a sweaty melty mess by the end that not even I could justify taking a picture of myself afterwards.  I felt surprisingly good though after Saturday's semi-disasterous run.

I did a group training ride on Wednesday and holy. cow.  It was an experience.  Up until then, I've only taken the ol' bike out on the canal.  Canal = flat and no cars = stress free ride.  Wednesday was the real deal on the open roads.

I had a minor freak out when I showed up for the ride and saw hardcore cycle dudes in full out cycle-suits with their Lance Armstrong style bikes and clip-in shoes.  I wanted to take my hybrid Trek and toe cages and sneak onto the canal before anyone noticed me.

There were two other women there so I felt a little less intimidated, especially since they looked like more recreational cyclists compared to the Team Livestrong dudes.  This put me at ease a teeny bit.

After a quick debrief we were off.  I tried to play it cool like it was nothing but a thing to ride with these dudes but after a couple miles they were pretty much specks in the distance.  There was a 'sweeper' who stayed in the back and thank goodness because I realized real fast that I have zero knowledge of the rules of the road when your cycling.

We were legit IN THE ROAD in turning lanes, like inches from cars at red lights.  I'm pretty sure my heart rate was higher when we were making left turns in traffic than when we were riding up hills.  I certainly learned a lot about road rules and biker safety.  I'm 97% sure I would have been road kill had I been by myself.

Overall it was a really good ride and first "real" road experience.  There was maybe one incline-ish/hill that slowed me down a bit but other than that I felt great the whole ride.  Honestly, it was more taxing mentally than physically - I was way more worried about not getting killed than I was about my endurance.  I'll take that as a win?

I made it out alive and feel like I'll be a little more confident now on my next ride.  I plan on doing at least one of the group training rides during the week, so here's to making my way to Lance status.

the group post ride!

Yesterday was supposed to be a run day, but I ended up going to bed at 7:00pm.  Oops.  My body was not having it yesterday.  So Emily and I decided that we would run together today.... and then this happened:

I wish I could say we were refueling.... but our run never happened.  Even though we were both geared up and ready to go we just weren't feelin it.  We were however feeling a Marshall's trip and some Tully's Tenders.  Fair trade if I do say so myself.

I'm sure the beer and fried dinner will be awesome fuel for my run tomorrow morning.  Let's hope that tomorrow goes better than last Saturday.  I mean hydrating with Bud Light and carb-loading with french fries is a pretty well rounded pre-long run dinner right?  Hmm... I'll let you know how that goes!

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