Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Final Reflections

This entire experience has been indescribable.  I think everyone knows that it takes a LOT to make me speechless, and this journey has left me at that.  I feel like what I say can't do my emotions justice for how I feel looking back on the past 4 months.

I started this journey back in January and while I had signed up for a training class, registered for the race, and went (very!) public with my goal, there was still a part of me that doubted whether or not I could actually do this.

There have been so many highs and just as many lows.  Days where I was all "OMG I LOVE RUNNING" and days where I wanted to throw a dagger at my running shoes.  Days when I savored every moment and mile of the run, and days when I wanted it to be over before I even started.

It was far from easy.  If I've realized anything about my athletic prowess it's that I am NOT a natural runner.  I had to work for every mile that I ran; every minute that ticked off my watch was most definitely earned.  I had to learn to embrace the good runs and leave the bad ones on the pavement.  Those good runs are what kept me coming back for more.

I have pushed my limits both physically and mentally and have achieved more than I could have ever imagined.  These past four months have been more than just a physical accomplishment; it has been a learning experience, a wealth of personal growth and a grieving process.  

I can honestly say that I truly don't think I would have succeeded in this endeavor had it not been for all of the amazing support.  Yes running is an 'individual sport' but it is 100% a team community.  Having a group of runners and training buddies by your side every step of the way is huge.  There are times I would have quit mid-run (or pre-run for that matter) had it not been for my running girls.  I've made some great new friends and have strengthened existing friendships.  To all my running ladies: Thank you.

The support and encouragement I received from family, friends, co-workers and even strangers has been just as amazing.  THANK YOU for following my journey, cheering me on, and believing in me when I didn't believe in myself.

And to Matty: thank you for inspiring all of this, for being with me when I needed it most, and for giving me a reason to do something beyond myself.  Your memory will continue to live on in every mile that I run.

I am so excited and proud to have made it through this journey and for pushing myself to do something I never thought I could.  This has been an amazing experience and I'm excited to see what I can challenge myself with next.  

Don't worry though, I'm not going anywhere.  Molly's Miles has become like my scrapbook, my journal, and I plan on continuing as I take on the next thing.  Stick around to see what my next crazy adventure will be!

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