Monday, May 7, 2012

A Du-Athlete in the Making?

The past few days have consisted of a very well balanced combination of running, biking and yoga.  Boy would Dr. Dan be proud!

I rode my half marathon high for most of last week, which included wearing my medal to bed (true story...x2) and stocking up on all the 13.1 gear I could get my hands on:

Dear World, you WILL know that this girl ran a half marathon.  Sincerely, I have no shame.  Go big or go home right?

Saturday was my first long run since the race.  I ran an easy three on Tuesday and felt great so I figured my legs would be ready to carry me 8 miles on Saturday morning.  Wrong.  My legs felt like slabs of concrete and were lacking their pizazz they had on Tuesday.  Big time.

I ended up running 3 miles with the group before I turned around and headed back on my own.  Somehow the thought of running five more miles made me die a little bit inside.  But really, what's five more miles when you've got to run 3 to get back anyways?  Welp, mind over matter lost this battle and I ran the brutal 3 miles back home, logging just over 6 for the day.

i'd rather run 13.1 again than those 6.2. woof.

Now usually Sunday's are recovery run days, but now that I'm all about cross training... and have 40 miles to ride in a month... Sunday's have become bike days.  I laced up (helmet-ed up?) and hit the canal with Brie and her dad for some easy miles.

if only i could run that fast.

Today was supposed to be a strength training day, according to the super OCD training schedule I made myself.  I got lazy and did some yoga instead, and then hopped on the bike for quite an interesting training ride.

rainy. wet. cold. ugh.

Even though the Tour de Cure is in June, good ol' Rochester weather can go any which way so Captain Johnny (our team captain... aka Brie's dad) suggested we get in some all-weather riding.  It rained the entire time, and for all the times I've complained about running in the rain.... I would hands down do that over biking in the rain.  This is what riding in the rain looks like:

hardcore mud.

I'm being a tad dramatic because it was actually a really good ride.  We covered just over 16 miles and I totally would have kept going had I not been soaked to the bone in rain and mud.

thumbs up from biker mollz
Tomorrow is a run day and I'm excited to hit the pavement.  Tempo Thursday's have now been replaced with Tempo + Hills Tuesday's.  My two favorite things all in one run.  #sarcasm.  These legs of mine haven't had a tempo run in weeks... things could get interesting tomorrow.

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  1. You'll be entering the Ironwoman Contest before long...
    if you're not careful ;-)