Monday, May 28, 2012

My Laziest Week Ever & Some Exciting Things

It's been a whole week (8 days actually...) since I've posted anything so I bet you're expecting a whole slew of updates about my runs and bike rides and awesome training.  Welp, this week was probably the laziest I've ever had and my total days of training equaled ONE.  Yup, one day.

I wish I could blame the heat or my crazy busy life (both of which would be valid excuses this week!) but the truth is... if I had time to start AND finish 50 Shades of Gray this week (yup, hopped on that train), I'm sure I could have found some spare time to get some training in.

I did run once on Tuesday from Fleet Feet and it was brutally hot.  Nothing earth-shattering happened on this run, other than the fact that my body confirmed that it takes about 3 miles for me to get in the groove. Isn't that crazy that I'm just warming up after three miles, when I used to not even be able to run that far?

my one lone workout of the week

Although my training sucked this week, there are some other exciting things I've got going on.  First, I am officially a part of the Fleet Feet racing team!  The team is a group of runners that are essentially community ambassadors for Fleet Feet and for running.  The best part is the sweet jersey that I get to wear in my races:

officially official!

The other thing that I'm really excited about is that I'm going to be a mentor for Fleet Feet's summer 5k/10k running program!

They call on past program participants to be mentors in the program, and even though I didn't do my 5k program through them (shhh), since I did the half marathon training program I got the OK to be a mentor.  I'm BEYOND excited.... I feel like I have gotten SO much out of my training with Fleet Feet and I'm excited to give back.  As cliche as this sounds, running has changed my life in so many amazing ways and I want other people to experience that.  I never in a million years would have imagined that I'd be a runner (and actually enjoy it!) and I'm excited to help others start their running journey.  Mentor Mollz at your service!

The other really exciting thing?  Oh, just that my sister ran a marathon yesterday.  No big deal.

The marathon was in Buffalo so Emily and I made an early morning road trip to go cheer Heather on.  There was also a half marathon and Emily and I both knew some people doing the half and the full, so we were in full on cheerleader mode.

Gun time was 7:00am, which meant that my alarm was set for some seriously god awful times:

so. early.

I had to be out the door by 4:30 in order to get Emily, have a much needed Dunkin stop, and get to Buffalo before the race started.  Oy.  This is the only reason I was able to survive:

large iced coffee... with more sugar than i care to admit.

We got to Buffalo around 6:30 which meant we had time to find Heather before the race started!  I'm not sure if I was more excited to cheer her on or if she was more excited to have me there.  Sissy excitement all around.

go heather!
my awesome shirt that a 4 year old made...
hyped up on espresso gu
heath and her fast training buddy
I also found some of my training girls before the race who were running the marathon relay.  I'm such a good cheerleader that I came prepared with signs for everyone :)

go hfm!

Emily and I staked out our first spectating spot and watched everyone take off

On a side note, the first place finisher of the marathon came in at 2:20:26 - that is faster than I can run a HALF marathon!  The first place female came in at 2:32:56, a 6:15 pace!!  That just blows my mind.

Both the half and the full started at the same time and ran the same course, so it was nice to be able to see our friends in the half while still seeing Heather and our friends in the full.  Spectating a marathon is SO MOTIVATING and inspiring.... Emily and I started talking about the idea of our first marathon.  That is a scary thought.

We saw Heather a handful of times at different mile points and right before the finish.  She looked awesome each time we saw her and was all smiles as she ran through the finish chute:


Heather finished in 3:38:40!!  Her goal time (which would have qualified her for Boston(!!)) was 3:35, but I'd say she did pretty effing awesome for her first ever marathon!!

I am SO PROUD of my little sissy for completing her first marathon like a champ.  Heather, you are an amazing runner and so inspiring!!  Maybe next year we'll be running this together.... and by together I mean me finishing 2 hours after you ;)

Marathon spectating made me super motivated to kick but this week in my training.  Here's to the end of my laziest week ever!

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  1. Awww that's great, congrats to your sister and to you for becoming an offical Fleet Feet racing team member and mentor. All very exciting!!