Thursday, January 19, 2012

Welcome to the 13 Minute Mile Club

First official workout = done!  Let me rewind and tell you that I am participating in a training class through Fleet Feet.  We had gotten our schedule for this week earlier in the week.  Tonight was a two mile time trial (so the coaches can gage what pace group we'll be running in to start off).  Which means....I spent the past three days freaking out about being timed.  I basically felt like I was in fifth grade again with the gym class mile run looming ahead of me.  Put me on a flat road by myself and let me run at a comfortable pace for miles and miles - I'm a happy camper.  Throw me in a group with 85 other people and tell me you're timing me - all bets are off.  You win.

Here goes nothin'

As if my anxiety wasn't already through the roof, Mother Nature decided to go in for the kill:

We got started before I even had time to think about getting back in my car and bolting.  These people don't mess around.  After a one mile warm-up, we were off.  You know what's really discouraging just plain annoying?  When you see people running towards you, already on their way back to the finish when you haven't even gotten to the turn-around yet.  Always a real confidence booster.

After a frigid and icy 23 minutes and 36 seconds, I was done.  The crazy thing is, that is fast for me!  I'm a 12ish minute miler on a good day -- did I really just run sub-12's in a blizzard?  I think I hear London 2012 calling.

Thumbs up for Tempo Thursdays

Saturday is our first easy pace long run in which I'll be spending five miles of quality time with my fellow 13 minute milers.  Slow and steady wins the race.  Boom.

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