Thursday, January 26, 2012

Tempo Thursday Round 1

Yesterday was a rest day and I thoroughly enjoyed coming home from work and lounging on the couch and catching up on Teen Mom and Real Housewives.  I got bored after a few hours of being lazy so decided dust off my yoga mat and get my zen on.

Zen in my den

Since today is Thursday I obviously spent the past three days freaking out about today's tempo run.  I like my comfort zone and my slow pace, thank you very much.  Part of the reason I signed up for this training class was to push myself out of my comfort zone.  Well, Tempo Thursday's fall WAY outside of this zone.  Time to suck it up Mollz.

Had to bust out the rain gear tonight.  Mother Nature you win again.

The rain turned into a drizzle and wasn't too bad, but it was COLD.  I didn't wear my gloves because 1. it was 30+ degrees out and 2. I ALWAYS end up taking them off and didn't have pockets today.  It certainly did not feel like 30 degrees a mile into the run and my hands were FREEZING.  What are the odds that the one time I don't wear my gloves it's the one time I actually need them!?


We did about 3.5 miles total, 2.5 of which were at tempo pace.  I tried to keep my pace under 12 minutes and really struggled during the second mile since it was all uphill.  Overall it was a pretty tough run, although I probably could have pushed myself a little harder.  I'm taking baby steps on that whole move outside your comfort zone thing.

Avg Pace

I really felt my knee towards the end of the run (welcome back, recurring injury -- haven't missed you).  I'm having a hard time deciphering between whether it's pain or whether it's just stiff and irritated from the cold.  Either way...time for some quality time with the foam roller, ibuprofen, and ice!

Frozen veggies > Ice packs

See ya on six mile Saturday!

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  1. Ha ha. What doesn't kill you makes you stronger! Glad that you are still following the program. There really is a method to the madness. It's only pain and it is temporary. Let me know when I should start getting worried. Run Molly run!