Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Easy: A Relative Term

On today's agenda: 4 easy miles.  "Easy" is a relative term, let me tell you.  Hills really have a way of sneaking up on you and making you completely re-evaluate the difficulty level of your run.  The last mile-ish was uphill (the elevation map looked WAY less intimidating on!  Anyone that knows me knows that I am a baby and love to complain; I'm sure that last mile would have been much more tolerable had I not been crying and complaining the entire time.

At least I got to wear my sweet headlamp since it was dark out.  I felt like I was giving the cars a run for their money.  No one could miss me!  The thing is actually pretty cool and I would probably wear it if the power ever went out or if I ever need to use a flashlight again.  Money well spent.  You win again, Fleet Feet.

No, that's not a flash.  Yes, it's my headlamp.

Did I mention that it started to hail during our run?  No, not during the first three easy breezy miles, but about halfway through the last hilly mile.  Because why wouldn't it start to hail when I'm miserable?  I guess I'm being slightly dramatic -- I didn't keel over and die, my lungs didn't explode and my legs kept moving -- all in all it was a good run for the books!

The best way to spend an evening: Posing with your BFF's

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