Sunday, January 29, 2012

Recovery Runs Are My Fave

You know what's funny... a few months ago, the thought of running three miles was a daunting task that kind of freaked me out.  Now, I look forward to getting in an easy three miles on Sunday's and do it like it's nothin but a thing.  Crazy.

Since today's miles were slow recovery miles, I set out without a specific route in mind.  Because I'm OCD, I always map my run out beforehand and write it down so I know exactly where I'm going.  It was kind of nice to just run wherever today, but I kind of felt like a chicken with my head cut off.  My feeling was confirmed when I got home and looked at my route:

Zero method to my madness.

I left my ipod home which helped me keep a slow(er) pace.  No pump up music = 13 minute miles.  I don't hate it.

Because I've ran 9 miles in the past two days, and because tomorrow is a rest day... I'm treating myself to a big ol bowl of homemade baked potato soup for dinner tonight.  And lunch tomorrow.  And dinner tomorrow.  And let's be honest... probably a snack in about an hour.

Get in my belly.

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