Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Let's Run!

Happy 2012, let's run a half marathon.

For everyone that knows can pick your jaws up off the floor now.  Yes, Princess Molly will be running 13.1 miles for fun in three months.  Why not start a blog so that I can document my journey and adventures to the finish line!

To my family and (two) friends that will be reading this and following along: Now you won't have to listen to me tell the same stories over and over... and over again.  And you get to see my face far more often than you otherwise would.  You're welcome.  :)

Does reflective gear make me a real runner?

Why am I choosing to run through the streets of Rochester for 13.1 miles on April 29th?  The simple answer: Life is short.

Four months ago I couldn't run if my life depended on it.  Five minutes was about all this girl could handle before it was time for a walking break (and by walking break I mean walking back to my apartment and promptly falling onto the couch).

On a whim (...okay with some encouragement - thanks Mrs. Luce) I signed up for a 5k "learn to run" training class.  In ten weeks I went from despising even the idea of running, to actually looking forward to a run.  I completed my first 5k in November and my only goal was to run the entire race -- 42 (sloooow) minutes later, I did!

Let's dress up like Indians and go run a few miles. Happy Thanksgiving.

I kept on going and loved every single mile I ran.  What?!  Is this real?  It was all smiles and miles until I got an injury from overuse (seriously?!).  Around Christmas I was finally able to ease back in to running.

Meeting my new BFF: The foam roller

The idea of eventually completing a half marathon was something that made it's way in and out of my head for a while.  The biggest push that made me commit to running the half in April was the unexpected death of a young family member.  It made me realize that life is short -- too short to put things off indefinitely.

I've decided to dedicate my miles to Matty -- as a way to keep his memory alive, and to acknowledge the final push that made me go for this crazy goal.

I hope you'll continue to follow my crazy adventures as I work my way towards 13.1 miles.
Even if you don't, you'll probably still hear my stories multiple times anyways ;)

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  1. Run, Molly, run! I love this blog already. You are a great comedic writer. And I admire you for going for the half marathon...I'd be...doomed. You're gonna rock it.