Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Training Day One

According to my almighty training plan that I spent hours slaving over (just kidding, my buddy Hal did all the work for me), three glorious miles were supposed to be on tap to kick off marathon training today.

I had dreams last night of waking up this morning feeling miraculously better and galavanting through the streets for three miles this evening.  Sadly, the black plague is still inhabiting my body and I still feel like I got hit by a bus.  After begrudgingly listening to the advice of my older wiser running friends, I sacked my run today and logged a grand total of zero miles.

It hurt my heart a little bit to trade in my gatorade and clif bar for OJ and meds.  

The closest I got to running today was reading Runner's World magazine.  I thought maybe it would be a good second best, but it really just made me more depressed reading about running when I was sick on the couch.

What else does a sidelined wanna-be marathon runner do when they can't run?  Oh, read more about running.  After I read RW cover to cover, I spent the next portion of my afternoon checking up on all my favorite running blogs.

...Because reading about other people who are enjoying their runs today while you're on your deathbed is a sure-fire way to spiral yourself into full on "woe is me" mode.  And you know what happens when your endorphins are just waiting to fire and you're too sick to move?

You register for another race to add to your training calendar.  Because reading about other people running and registering for races is a great way to train for a marathon, right?

That's what I'm telling myself for the time being so that I don't have a full blown anxiety attack.  Training aside, I think I'm realizing how much I take running for granted... Five days without a run and I am going stir crazy - mentally AND physically!  

In the mean time, USA network knows that the second best way to calm me down is with a Law and Order SVU marathon.  Focusing on Elliott Stabler for hours on end makes it a little easier to forget about not running.

It's taking all my might not to gear up and go out and wing it for a run.  But I still have 4 months worth of training that I need to be 100% healthy for so for once in my life my self-control is superseding my impulsiveness.  Mom, look how grown up I am.

So for now, I'm keeping myself in quarantine and letting myself get better.  Hopefully I will back in working order this week so I can get some miles in before week one is officially over.  Time to pull it together, immune system!  This marathon ain't gonna run on it's own!


  1. Great post!!! Glad to see you haven't lost your sarcasm sicky. I'm glad you rested too.

  2. You make me proud ... self- control vs. impulsive, instant gratification?? You've come a long way baby!!