Sunday, January 27, 2013

One Week Down!

Week one of training is officially complete!  Let's see how week one went down...

Monday - Rest day, but ended up doing a boot camp class at the Y

Tuesday - 3.14 miles at Cobb's Hill

Wednesday - 1.5 miles on the dreadmill

Thursday - 3.83 miles

Friday - Rest

Saturday - 7.02 miles at FF Ridgeway

Sunday - Yoga class at the Y

Total Miles - 15.49;  Scheduled Miles - 16

Not too shabby for the first week back from the Black Plague.  I still don't really feel like I'm officially in training yet, since my run volume hasn't really increased much.  It is nice to have a schedule to follow though, and I'm sure as the next couple of weeks go by I'll start to really feel like a marathoner-in-training!

Yesterday was my first long run of training... actually, it was my first long run since September.  I hadn't ran more than 10k since the Rochester Marathon Relay at the beginning of September... woof.  Given that, yesterday's run was surprisingly a really good one!

I ran from Fleet Feet with Steph and Laura and after the first couple of miles with the group, we set off on our own route.  It was relatively flat with some rolling hills and thank goodness for Pandora because it was definitely not the most scenic of runs.  Carly Rae Jepson and the Biebs also helped distract from the frigidness around us...

frozen hair!!!
It was overall a really great run and was a good confidence booster to end my miles for week one!

This morning it was off the the Y for my new favorite Sunday morning routine... Yoga!  Never would I have thought that I would be saying that!  

The instructor is amazing (I made BFF's with her after class today) and I just feel like I am in my element.  Which is weird considering I didn't even know I had a yoga element.  But seriously, finding the right class and right instructor makes all the difference -- Eva at the Y, you have my yogi heart until the end of time.

To top my fantastic week off, I made one of my best purchases to date:

hot pink kicks!

It was time for a new pair of gym/cross training shoes and these babies were on super sale at Kohl's.  How could I pass up a new pair of kicks in my favorite color?!  Bargain shopping for the win.

So with week one in the books, that means only 17 more to go!  Week two, I'm ready for ya!

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