Friday, June 15, 2012

A Week Full of Adventures!

What a week it's been!  My biker's high from Sunday definitely carried me through my random adventures this week.

Tuesday was my usual run day and because I think I'm all cool and multi-sport now, I decided to ride my bike to Fleet Feet.  I felt super badass riding into the parking lot until I realized that I forgot my bike lock at home.  What an amateur mistake.

They let me keep my bike in the back room and thankfully the Fleet Feet staff are really good babysitters because my baby was safe and sound when I got back from the run.

The run itself was actually really good; it was the first week in a LONG time that I actually ran and completed the entire hill workout.  I was on fire.

wham bam thank you mam

I was feeling so awesome in fact that my run/bike high convinced me it would be a good idea to sign up for my first ever trail race...

...which just so happened to be the following evening.  I didn't even have time to register my impulsive decision until it was 5:00pm on Wednesday and I was getting ready for my first trail race.  And my first "official" race as a Fleet Feet team member!

check out my sweet jersey

Steph signed up for the race too so I was excited to have someone to run it with.  I was also glad that I had zero expectations because it was so NOT what I expected... but in a good way, I think.

We started off on relatively flat single track trails and I felt like I was on a cool little nature run.  The men started about 10 minutes after the women, so after only a few minutes we had the lead male hyenas zooming past us.  We had to stop and pull over a few times to let them by which was annoying, but better than being trampled.

see ya

I'm not really sure what I was expecting, but I definitely wasn't expecting to be hiking up steep dirt hills, dodging roots in the ground, jumping over fallen trees, or sliding down muddy hills.  I mean I guess that's what trail runs are after all.  Who knew.

It was WAY tougher than I had anticipated but I'm surprised at how much I actually enjoyed it.  It challenged me in a completely different way than I'm used to but dare I say I liked the challenge?!  Would I do another one?  Absolutely!

trail runner!

steph, rob & me: thumbs up for trail running!

thanks to Barb at fleet feet for being an awesome race photog!
i sure am glad she was standing at mile 0.1 rather than the finish. woof.

I was sore the next day which didn't really surprise me considering the running hiking of the trail race.  I took yesterday as a rest day and opted for a nice little nap as my choice activity of the day.

I was debating running or biking today and couldn't make up my mind, so when Brie suggested we bike to her parent's house for dinner, that was all the motivation I needed to choose biking.  Give me a burger and some corn on the cob and we've got a deal.

The ride there was quick and easy and we only had one minor incident with traffic.  When it comes down to adhering to traffic rules versus potentially becoming road kill, I'm throwing all rules out the window.  Cyclists have rights too ya know.

Dinner was fantastic and I ate like I was planning on sitting in my car to drive home, not hop on a bike for another 7 miles.  Oops.  The ride back turned out to be just as good as the ride there and it was quite an enjoyable little excursion.

I was very proud of Brie for not stopping or complaining (too much).  My goal is to make her an active fitness loving fool just like me.  Baby steps :)

post ride....x2!

Tomorrow I have my first day mentoring the 10k training group at Fleet Feet!  I'm so excited I feel like Christmas.  And Sunday I'm doing a 5k, which will be my first one since November when I started running.  I'm hoping to shave about 20 minutes off my time.  Well, someday.  I'll settle for a few minutes on Sunday.  See ya on the flip side of another exciting weekend!

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  1. Heather would proud of your first successful trail run! I remember watching her fall cross country meets when she would end up covered in mud after the trail At least you had a dry day :-)
    Keep up the amazing fitness journey Mollz!!