Monday, June 25, 2012

Hold The Phone -

The race is back on!  Just as I was cooling down from my stewing anger about the half marathon scam, this email greeted my inbox:

Kudos to the city of Buffalo for salvaging a poopy situation.  The race is not affiliated with the original running company and this new race is being put on by the city of Buffalo.  We still get to finish at the 50 yard line of the Bills Stadium and it sounds like they're trying to make this a great experience in light of the situation.

I guess that means that I am almost completely winging this race, seeing how my last scheduled long run this past weekend didn't happen.  If we're being honest here, my entire "training" for this race has been less than stellar - in two months I've ran one double digit run.

So, what better way to do some last minute half marathon training then to hop on my bike tonight?  Nope, it didn't make sense at the time either... I just can't stand to see my baby Trek go more than a day without hitting the open road.

almost a half marathon...on wheels.

I mean cardio is cardio right?  Worst case scenario, I'll just galavant along the course on Saturday and take videos of myself and make some friends.  I'm really not too concerned.  Here's to the final week of pretending to train!

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