Friday, June 8, 2012

Another Week Down...

Because it's Friday and I'm tired and lazy and ready for my late afternoon nap, I'm going to let my pictures from this week speak the 1000 words that I will be neglecting to type in the next 10 minutes.  Ready, go.

Tuesday was a run day and I was super pumped to rock my brand new running skirt:

how fun is this?!

It's okay if you don't like it.  Only two people out of about the 57 I polled did.  It's fine.  It's my new favorite piece of running apparel.  It carried me well through the 3 sloooow miles I ran that night.

Wanna know what else I did on Tuesday night?  Welcomed a new member to my little family:

welcome my perfect little road trek :)

Great deal + wishing I could be a hardcore cyclist = time for my first road bike purchase.  Here she is all settled in at home with her new matching handlebar tape:

Words can't describe my excitement.  I am literally treating this thing like my child.  My friend Becca who is basically an Ironman athlete took me for a ride yesterday on the new wheels.  It was fantastic.

me and big blue before our first ride together
I learned so much about biking and listened to Becca talk the whole time since the hills were a liiiittle killer for me and my lungs can't handle hills and talking simultaneously.

609 foot elevation gain. no biggie.

We did 21 miles and I'm feeling much more confident and excited about my 40 mile Tour de Cure Ride on Sunday.

post ride!

Side note: do you know how hard it is to take a picture of yourself and someone else, on your iphone, while trying to get two bikes in the picture as well?  There were numerous outtakes, but none as special as the one below.  If you've ever seen those Elf Yourself videos, please notice the similarities of the big head small body in the pic and prepare to lol

elf yourself?

Thumbs up to my first ride with my new bff (my bike, not Becca.  Sorry Becca)

In other news, the Tour de Cure is two days away and we get our sweet team jerseys today:

pretty legit
I'm pumped for the ride on Sunday, even though I've done minimal training (that's an understatement).  Pretty much I'm winging 40 miles and hoping to not die.  At least I'll look super awesome with my bike and jersey.  Wish me luck!!