Sunday, June 24, 2012

Remember that one time...

...the half marathon I signed up for turned out to be a scam?

On Thursday evening, nine days before the scheduled race, this email popped up on my phone:

In a nutshell, things are really shady and people are in an uproar (myself included!)  The Buffalo news stations have been doing stories on it and complaints have been filed against the event company.  Crazy stuff.

That's all I'm saying about that stupid situation, because I'd rather not plaster this post with the expletives that have been coming out of my mouth every time I think about it.  Moving on...

After Monday's disastrous re-entry into long runs, my legs were still crying the next day so I axed my usual Tuesday Fleet Feet run in favor of some "light" cross-training:

I figured, it's my first day, I'll be starting on the easiest workout she's got, plus she shows modifications if I'm being lazy... how hard can it be?  WELL, she doesn't hold back on you regardless of the fact that it's week one, and the modified moves are HARD!  How do real life people do the actual workout?!  Needless to say, I got my sweat on.  Not so sure I'll be ripped in 30 though, because I haven't hung out with Jillian since.  Oops.

Wednesday was a double action night -- mentoring and kickball!  

mentoring here i come

It was nice and humid out so the 3 miles were pretty slow, especially since I was the sweeper of the group.  I was with 4 older women who were just fabulous.  I walked with them while they jogged along and was surprised at how much I enjoyed just chatting and encouraging them.  

I knew going into this that I wouldn't be getting a hardcore workout during mentoring sessions, but I didn't really expect to be walking.  I also didn't expect to be okay with that fact, and the fact that I cared more about the ladies' experience than my own.  Mom, I'm growing up.  Guess it's not always about me.  Who knew?

Post-mentoring, I did a quick wardrobe change and was off to be "Kind of a Big Dill" with my kickball teammates.  Our shirt colors are called "dill" - do you get our team name?  Kind of a Big Deal Dill?  Aren't we so witty?

big dill

I tried to make a sweet play during the game and ended up getting hit in the face with the ball.  My injured faced rendered me out of commission for any sort of workout on Thursday.  (true story about the ball in the face, not so much about the extent of the 'injury' - just a sad excuse for being lazy on Thursday).

Friday I rode to Brie's parents house again for dinner.  Motivate me with food and I'm down for anything.  Brie was already there so I wanted to see how fast I could get there on my own.

15.1 mph. boom.

Way faster than last week's ride.  Who knew you could actually kind of push yourself on a bike??

I had planned on doing a long run yesterday morning, but when I woke up with a headache, I promptly decided to go back to bed.  Not like I have a race to train for next weekend anymore.  Lame.

Steph and I were texting yesterday trying to decide whether or not to run together today.  She suggested we get together early and run on the canal and get breakfast afterwards.  SO, this morning that's exactly what we did.  Like I said, tempt me with food and I'm there.

It was hot, we were slow, but it was fun.  Knowing that a tasty diner breakfast was meeting us at the end sure helped a lot too.  

The rest of my afternoon was spent studying for an exam that I'm taking for work tomorrow.

Note to self: not the best idea to barricade yourself in a tiny library study room after sweating in the sun for 40 minutes.  It got a little smelly in that joint.  Sorry, Fisher.

Since I have NOTHING TO TRAIN FOR at this moment, I feel lost and have no idea whether I'm going to run or bike or have Jillian yell at me or just lay on my couch all week.  Let the games begin.

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