Sunday, November 25, 2012

I Run for Stuffing.

Considering this week was full of turkey and stuffing and shopping, I still managed to log some miles and get some good workouts in!

Since Thursday was Thanksgiving, Emily and I decided to have Tempo Thursday on Tuesday.  It's still new in our routine so we're still excited to do speed work.  Let's see how long that actually lasts.

This week we did a pyramid workout and this is what it looked like:

It was tough because there were no mental breaks like in repeats...even the easy intervals got not so easy towards the middle.  And, it doesn't help your confidence when one of the local running clubs of super fast runners is doing their weekly speed workout on the same track.  If I had a dollar for every person that lapped me on this workout I'd have enough money to pay a year's worth of race entry fees.

Wasn't the best tempo workout, but not the worst.  Meh.

In other news, I've decided that my new favorite Thanksgiving tradition is running a race Thanksgiving morning.  Gives me an excuse to take a pre-dinner nap, and also justifies about 6 extra helpings of stuffing.

I was extra excited for this year's Turkey Trot because I was doing it in Syracuse with my sister.  Since running races in costumes is my jam, I decided to craft up a sweet costume for me and Heather.  After breaking a pair of scissors, burning my finger on the hot glue gun, and cutting my lip on a safety pin... I was left with the most poorly executed race costume ever.   

When I showed my mom, she thought we were being a horseshoe.  Really, Ma?!  (For the record, it's supposed to be a wishbone).  Looked fab in my head.... not so much in real life.  Better luck next time.

It was perfect weather for a race and I forced Heather to run with me even though she busts out 7 minute miles like it's nothing but a thing.  She chatted my ear off the entire 3.1 miles and didn't even break a sweat.  How come I didn't get the fast runner gene?

Steph and her dad ran this race last year and Steph sold me on doing it this year because she said it was a flat out and back course.  Apparently when I registered though, the race organizers could sense my I HATE HILLS mantra and decided to change the course this year to include, you guessed it, hills.  Regardless, it was a good course with great crowd support.  And having my own personal pacer chatting away made the race fly by.  Overall a fantastic way to kick off the holiday. 

You know what's almost as exciting as running a race on Thanksgiving?  Knowing someone who is running their first race ever on Thanksgiving!  DC Chris (who ran sprinted the Rochester half marathon in September) and his brother Jeff ran the Turkey Trot in Webster and this was Jeff's very first race.  I sadly missed his race debut but even without my superb cheerleading skills, they rocketed through the course and killed it.  Congrats Jeff on your first race!!

Bro's in beast mode

After 2 days of being in a food coma, I forced myself to go to the gym yesterday.  I didn't have anyone to run with, and since it was cold my motivation to go out on my own was zero.  Off to the gym it was. 

Thirty minutes at the gym reminded me why I actually prefer to run outside in the snow.  The treadmill is SO. BORING.  I felt like I was dying a slow death.  I did 1.3 miles and felt like I was on there for an hour.  Even the 2 miles on the elliptical felt torturous.  I went fast, I went amount of intervals could make the gym bearable.  Get me out of here.

What do you do when you are on the verge of death from boredom and still have energy to burn?  Decorate for Christmas!

And the best way to round out a holiday filled weekend is with a Sunday morning long run!  The whole gang met up early this morning for a run that ended up being a little over 6 miles.  We ran on the canal, streets and trails and it was an awesome run.  WAY better than last weekends long run disaster.  Of course there was breakfast afterwards.  Nothing better than a good run, good company and a good breakfast on a Sunday morning!

I logged a whopping 14 miles this week which is significantly higher than the 3 I logged two weeks ago.  Slowly but surely getting my base back up so I can jump into January training ready to go!  No fun races on the cal this week, but lots of wintery runs in store I'm sure!

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  1. Jeff...aka The Road RocketNovember 25, 2012 at 10:13 PM

    Thanks for the shout-out Molly!! You didn't put my speedy time of 29:11 for 4.4 miles in the blog...worth a mention!!