Monday, October 15, 2012

Quick Recap: Breast Cancer Awareness Ride

Today I am a woman of few words.  It's Monday, I'm tired, and Jillian Michaels just sucked every last bit of energy out of me.  Lucky for you, I managed to snap a few pics yesterday at the Breast Cancer Awareness Ride so I'll let them do (most of) the talking...

Rise and shine at 9:00am which is basically sleeping in these days.  All smiles and pink as I picked up my bike bib:

Perfectly fall weather meant no need for my neon jacket.  Good thing 92% of my wardrobe is pink so I was still prepared underneath my coat.

Just in case you were wondering, yes, of course my gloves are pink too.  Duh.

I really need to chill out with the thumbs up.  Sorry guys.

Look at all the pink.  Those are the 45 milers heading off.  Remember that time I originally signed up for the 45 miler and then did the 25 instead?  Oops.

Brie's dad was riding so him and I stuck together.  Actually, I really dropped down to the 25 miles for him.  So he didn't feel bad.  Just kidding.  If he wasn't there I probably would have done 10.

Oh good ol' Mendon.  Your hills never get old to me.  Mr. L tried teaching me how to use my gears correctly (still working on that skill) and I only half-wobbled up some of the hills.  The good thing about hills is they always = downhills.  Downhills are 97% responsible for my speedy 14mph average speed.

After an entire week of doing absolutely nothing active (unless you count my Corporate America business trip full of dinner buffets and happy hours), I was half surprised I didn't keel over and die during the ride.  

All in all it was a great fall ride and what's better than riding your bike in the country in the fall all while raising money and awareness to save America's boobs?  Triple win.  Boom.

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