Sunday, July 15, 2012

I'm Back!

After a week of relaxing and galavanting around the Adirondack's, I'm back in the Roc and back to reality.  Lucky for you, I took plenty of pictures to capture my week in the mountains.

welcome to the adk's

I had grand plans of actually following my training schedule during the week, but ended up doing whatever the heck I felt like instead.  There's a shocker.

I managed to get in 4 runs and 3 bike rides and even got my very first swimming lesson in open water.  I also did a pseudo triathlon - swam, biked and ran all in one day!  Molly's Miles owned the Adirondack's.

Three of my four runs were all along a similar route; there's a 2ish mile loop around the cabin where I stayed and that became my go-to run.  It's so different running in the middle of the mountains - I think I listened to my music only once and just took in the naturey-ness of the run.  There's a trailhead on the loop that I decided to check out on one of my runs.  I mean how can you not thrown in a trail run while your in the Adirondacks?!

And look what I found at the end of the trail:

thumbs up to trail runs in the adk's

I switched it up on my final run day and ran up a crazy hill that is a straight 1.25 mile climb.  It took me about 13 minutes to run up it and I literally flew down in 8 minutes.  I can't remember the last time my Garmin saw a single digit pace.  I need to start running downhills more often.

I also biked up the same hill on one of the days.  Well, I biked up some of it and teetered up most of it and turned around before I got to the top.  Bristol Mountain has nothing on that hill - this is one ride that was actually decent for my training.  Highlander here I come.

For my hill ride and one other bike ride, I had the company of some pretty hardcore Lance Armstrong's.  Bob, John and Jeff have all been biking for longer than I've been alive so I had my work cut out for me just to not die while riding with them.  They didn't leave me too far behind in their dust so I think that's a win.  Although I did have my first ever biking mis-hap when my chain fell off right as I was about to go down a hill.  Good thing I wasn't by myself because I would have no idea how to fix it and I'm pretty sure that AAA doesn't work for bikes.  No worries because Jeff came to the rescue and threw my chain back on like a pro and I was good to go. 

reppin' fleet feet in the adk's!

To round out my triathlon of the day, I got my first ever swimming lesson in a lake.  Now, I've taken swimming lessons back in the day when I was like 12 so I figured my skillz would stick with me and translate to the lake.  Wrong.  Open water swimming is hard!  Andrew was a fabulous little swim coach, along with Tyler and Peter and Matthew (who taught me nothing) and a Colombian named JP (who also taught me nothing).  Hi guys!

Needless to say, I have got my work cut out for me if I ever have hope at surviving a triathlon.  Although my swimming endeavor was not my best work in the water, I tested out some other open water skills:

boat driving - captain mollz at your service
paparazzi'ing on the boat 
i'm so artistic.
time for some tubing!
thumbs up!

It was a fantastically relaxing and fun week and in between all my activities this week I played photographer and got some pretty awesome Adirondack pictures.  So I leave you with the beauty of the Adk's:

Total miles for the week: 11 on the pavement, 25 in the saddle.  Better than nothing for vacation!  Thank you to all my new Blue Mountain friends for helping me rack up some miles this week!  You all better be bookmarking my blog right now :)


  1. I'm so glad you had a nice trip and wow, those pictures are amazing. We are truly blessed to have the 'Dack's in our backyard. I spent a lot of time there growing up and not nearly enough time now as an adult. My daughter's actually going up there this weekend though!

    Your photography is amazing, awesome job.

  2. Thanks Bridgette, they are all taken with my iphone! Crazy. Tell your daughter to enjoy it, it is fabulous up there!