Sunday, February 10, 2013

Week 3 Recap

Week 3 has officially come to a close and although the week didn't shake out quite as planned, we've got another week in the books.

Rest day.  Attempted to do some yoga on my own but called it quits after I fell into my dresser while trying to master Warrior 3.  I'll stick with the pro's teaching me from now on.

I had 4 miles scheduled for this day.  Ended up staying at work late and decided to lay down for a quick 15 minute "power nap" when I got home.  Well, that "quick nap" turned into an accidental 2.5 hour sleep fest as I slept right through my alarm.  Whoops.  Needless to say, I logged a whopping zero miles this day.  Sometimes your sleepy body just wins I guess.

On Wednesday's I have my weekly session with my trainer at the gym.  Since I renewed my membership, I got 10 thirty minute personal training sessions along with it.  This was my second week and let me tell you, when someone is there making sure you are squatting and lunging and crunching just right -- there is no cheating!  30 minutes may not seem like a long time but it's long enough for my trainer to kick my butt.  After my session I decided to make it a cross training day and headed to an hour spin class which I haven't done in a few weeks.  Felt so good to be back on the bike!

First run of the week.  Better late than never, right?  Steph and I went to the track to get in some speed work and ended up doing 800m repeats with 100-200m recovery jogs in between.  My legs had been itching to run all week and I definitely challenged myself on this workout.  I ended with 3.45 miles in 38:47, an 11:15 pace.  Considering that pace included the warm up and cool down, I'm pretty pumped to see that number.

Rest day.  I thought I went a little too hard into beast mode on Thursday because I was hacking up a lung all day Friday.  Went to the doc and turns out I'm rocking a mild case of bronchitis.  I swear I can't catch a break!  I picked up some ammo to get me through the work day and am working on kicking this smoker's cough to the curb for good.

Since the weather was supposed to be awful on Saturday morning, Fleet Feet actually cancelled the morning group run.  Safety first!  It was so nice to sleep in on a Saturday -- I forgot what that felt like!  After having a lazy morning, Steph and I hit the snowy roads for a quick few miles.  Snow packed roads, kinda chilly, but absolutely gorgeous scenery.

We thought we were doing ourselves a favor by moving our long run to today, thinking that we'd have a shot at better weather.  Well, the streets were plowed but the temperature?  Oh just a nice NINE DEGREES.  It was bitter.  So chilly in fact, that this happened again:

welcome back, frozen hair.

Although it was frigid, my body felt pretty darn good on the run.  We did a two loop route and stopped back at our cars after the first loop to refill water and to get some more warm and dry gear on.  Since my lungs hate me and the cold temps weren't helping my breathing at all, Steph gave me her sweet head cover to wear so I could breathe in warm air.  I felt like a badass rocking this thing.

bring it on mother nature

As we set off for the second loop it was crazy what a difference this little bank robber mask made in not freezing my lungs.  As cold as it was, it made for another darn pretty run:

Nine miles in nine degree weather and we've got another long run in the books!  The last mile or so was tough but when we were done I felt like I could have kept running if I had too.  Always a good feeling!

Mileage Recap
Total miles: 15.65    Scheduled miles: 19 

Thanks to my Tuesday night snooze my miles are lower than scheduled, but the quality of the runs I did do was awesome, so I'm still calling this week a win.

Week 4, here I come!

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