Friday, September 7, 2012

Who Needs Toenails Anyways?

So tomorrow is the Highlander and I think it's safe to say that I will be well rested for it.  How well rested you ask?  Well, the last miles I logged were five days ago - at the half marathon.  I was sore for a day or two...and then just decided eh, I don't feel like moving this week.

The only time I even broke a sweat this week was at kickball.  Yeah, we get that into it.  I wish I could say I logged some good miles running around the bases, but kicking just isn't really my forte and I rarely see first base.  Although I somehow still manage to sweat like a man.

sweaty kickball armpit
In case you're wondering, because I bet you are, we won our game.  Say hello to my team:

In other completely not running or biking related news, let's talk about toenails for a minute.  I think feet are stupid and ugly and I think that 99% of the world would agree with me on that.  However, I've come to realize that us runners have no shame or filter when it comes to the gross body functions/body parts that we discuss.

So with that disclaimer, my poor little feet have fallen victim (again!) to losing a toenail.  This is the THIRD time I've had a man down, and I just about had a panic attack the first time I realized my toenail felt like a loose tooth.  Apparently, it is a common thing that happens to distance runners.  Wikipedia told me that so naturally I feel better about my not-so-crazy ailment.

The hills must have done a number on my feet on Sunday and sure enough, my nail met it's untimely death in the middle of the week.  

Sorry for the graphics, but someone's gotta give my poor little toe justice.  I didn't even have a panic attack with this one, I seem to have my routine down quite well now for when a toenail decides to jump ship.

Toenails are overrated anyways.  One less nail to paint now which means less nail polish I'll have to buy.  Right?  Right.  

Don't worry, I'll keep you up to date on the status of my poor lil toe and the new baby nail that will hopefully be born soon.  Because you obviously came here to read about my feet, right?

Anyways, rain is in the forecast tomorrow morning, which means I'm slightly freaking out about the ride.  Riding in the rain terrifies me.  Terrifies me.  Time to start channeling my inner Chrissie Wellington.  I wonder if Chrissie would approve of a pre-race pizza dinner.  Hmm...

See ya on the other side of Bristol Mountain tomorrow!


  1. Wow, Molly! Nice and graphic pics! I got a black left toenail from Sehgahunda but it didn't fall off. You have quite a few!

  2. I have one gone right now toenail.