Thursday, August 2, 2012

Kickin My Funk to the Curb

As you may have noticed from my lack of posting over the past two weeks, I've been in a bit of a funk lately.  No worries though because Mollz is back.  Here's how I've been kicking this bad attitudes butt and bringing awesome back...

...Reading about a badass Ironman champion

I started this book a while ago and picked it back up when I was cranky one day.  It's motivating and inspiring and Chrissie Wellington has become my new triathlete girl-crush.  This book makes me want to be even more awesome than I am now.

...Partaking in some useful retail therapy

A 13.1 shirt?  For $10?  That one was a no brainer.
And perhaps trumping that purchase:

Cycling shoes!  Nothing makes you feel more legit when riding then clipping in and out of your pedals.  I've been wearing these bad boys around the house just because I'm so excited about them.  

Don't worry Mom, these were definitely all completely necessary and justified purchases :)

...Mentoring an awesome group of new runners

Mentoring and running with this group is so much fun and I love hearing everyone's story of how they started running.  It puts me in such a good mood every week, that I don't even mind taking sweaty red-faced pictures of myself afterwards.

...Run and 'Rita night with my favorite running girls

Not even the torrential downpour could ruin our go for a run then drink margaritas night.  Running + drinks + good friends = a great way to spend a Tuesday evening.  

...Going on some pretty awesome bike rides

30 miles in Bristol with coach Rob.  The first Bristol ride we did, I had to walk my bike on 4 different hills mountains.  This time - only walked it three times.  I WILL conquer you eventually, Bristol.

Back to back rides with Becca and my brand new shoes.  I'm proud to report that I have not yet fallen off my bike while trying to clip in or out.  More than one person has shared this bit of wisdom about falling off your bike -- there are two kinds of bikers; those who have fallen and those who have yet to fall.  You all may think my eating dirt on my bike is inevitable, but I am determined to prove that saying wrong.  No falling.  Ever.

...Watching athletes kick butt Ryan Lochte in the Olympics

Let's be honest.  I'm not watching the Olympics for the inspiration.  I'm watching the Olympics for this guy.  

Right back at ya Lochte ;)

So there you have it.  Good ol Mollz is back and better than ever.  

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  1. Haha the last two photos made me crack up! Glad things are looking up!! -steph